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საქართველოს კიბერ უსაფრთხოებისა და ინფორმაციული ტექნოლოგიების განვითარების IV რეგიონული კონფერენცია - GITI 2011

თბილისი, 17-19 ნოემბერი


დღე 1

Mature and Competetive ICT Brand

E-Book Online Store lit.ge & Iota Reader (E-Ink Device)
Public Transport Information System
Property Management Agency - Tbilisi City Hall
United Automated Control System of Information Flow
EU-Georgia Relations and IPR
Legalization of Internet and Copyrights
Intellectual Property Right - ORACLE Approach


დღე 2

Korea ICT/E-gov History - Best - Practices and Lessons
Integrated Tax Management System
First Government Cloud
National Bank of Georgia
E-Notary, From Paper to Online Operations
Werlcome to a Sercure Digital World - Ascertia
MobilelD - Securer, Easier, Simplier
Why It Matters? - Georgia eID Card
Georgian eID Card - CRA
Public Key Infrastructure in Georgia
Korea NID Public Services
Data Exchange Information System - NORK Information-Analytical Center
Education Management Information System - Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia
Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia
ICT in Education
Enhancements in NAPR Information Services
School Management Information System
Latvian IT Cluster
Auditor Perspective:  Findings Weaknesses
Information Management as a Key Part of E-Government
How to Transform Citizen Services? - ORACLE
XEROX Solutions for Document Flow Management Optimization
Perform Better - HP Software Vision

დღე 3

Social Media, Democracy and Oppression
Development of National Cyber Security
Cyber Attacks Against Georgia
The First Cyber War


(გამოფენა/დაჯილდოება) - ინფორმაციული ტექნოლოგიების განვითარება და კიბერ უსაფრთხოება GITI 2010

თბილისი, 10-12 ნოემბერი


სესია I

Information and Cyber Security Development in Georgia - Data Exchange Agency, Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Cyber Battleground - What Is It? - TRUSTCORP
A National Approach to Cyber Security - The UK Perspective - Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance
Volunteers in Cyber Conflict - CCDCOE


სესია II


GRENA CERT Activities During Cyber Attacks Against Georgia - GRENA
Legal Assessment of Cyber Attacks on Georgia - Data Exchange Agency, Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Fast and Real-Time Access to Online Interactions - CLUSTERPOINT
Cyber Attacks Agains Georgia - CERT-EE, Estonian Informatics Center
David J. Smith - Georgian Security Analysis Center - I
David J. Smith - Georgian Security Analysis Center - II
Cyber [CrimeIWar] - Connecting the Dots - Security Art
Monitoring Tools and Cyber Security Incidents in Georgian Internet Space - GRENA/CERT.ge


სესია III


European Response to Cyber Crime - Ministry of Justice of Estonia, Cybercrime Convention Committee
A Practical Approach to Cyber Security - The UK Perspective - CAPT Mosses, SO3 IA LIAG
Comprehensive Applications Threat Analysis CATA Dramatically Improving Security Assurance - HP Enterprise Services
ISOC AM Activity in IT Security - VP ISOC.AM
ISAP - David Tabatadze
Corporate Security, Fraud and Cybercrime Overview - RSA Online Threats Managed Services
CYBERRESISTANCE - Innovative Systems Institute
Situation Awareness - Tools and Organizational Issues - Cybernetica, Estonia
Fats and Real-Time Access to Online Interactions - CLUSTERPOINT
Physical Aspects of Cyber Security - Complex Solutions for Data Centers
ActivIDEntity - Actividentity Central Management Solutions
ActiveIDentity Use Cases - Information Systems Security Partners


სესია IV


National Agency of Public Registry - Ministry of Justice of Georgia
ICT Basis for State Financial System - Ministry of Finance of Georgia
Introduction of E-procurement in Georgia: Goals, Results, Further Activities - State Procurement Agency
Integrated Criminal Case Management System of Georgia - Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Georgia IT Innovation Conference 2010 - HP Enterprise Services
Georgia IT Innovation Conference 2010- SAP
Introduction of eID Cards in Georgia - Civil Registry, Ministry of Justice of Georgia
E-Society Introduction in the Republic of Armenia
ICT - A Driver for Improving Democracy - Nextsense
New Age of Technological Innovations:  E-Notary - Notary Chamber, Ministry of Justice of Georgia
E-Governance Capacity Building in Medium Capacity Countries: Lessons Learned - FreeBalance
Building E-Governance in Moldova: Experience, Lessons Learned and New Vision - Ion Consuleanu
LEPL "Sakanonmdeblo Matsne" - Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Gateway to Outstanding Success in E-Government - Best Practice Implementation of a Document Management Solution in Latvia - RIX Technologies
Presentation - Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia
Cloud Services of the Future Right Now - SL Global Services


სესია V


Offer of System Implementation - IDRAM Internet Payment System
New Opportunity for Georgia and the Region - Mobile Finance
Service Payment System - AzRy LLC
Footprint Manager for Commercial Printers - ClimatePartner
Codex Document Services - Georgian Microsystems
Presentation - Micronet


სესია VI


Protection of Technology and Innovation Through Intellectual Property Law - Sakpatenti
Innovation + IPR = Growth - Microsoft Georgia LLC


სესია VII


Boosting Regional IT Cooperation: RCI Activities - European Software Institute
ICT Business Sector Development - Role of Latvian IT Cluster - Latvian IT Cluster
Support to the IT Industry, Guarantee for Development - Albanian Information Technology Association


სესია VIII

Innovative Technologies in School - Microsoft Georgia LLC
Best Practices in Educational IT Usage
Creation of University Distance Learning Portal - Akaki Tsereteli State University
Presentation - Free University of Tbilisi, MACS
Joint Master's Program in Informatics - International Incubator Hagenberg
English for IT - ETI Ltd